Email Swipes

Below you can find the email messages you can use with your promotions.

Schedule Your Mailing For Maximum Results


(One day before the launch)

Warm up your lists. You may first send referrals to our COMING SOON page.


(Send after 9AM EST)

Send your message after 9 AM EST.

You may also send the message after 5 PM EST as a reminder to the subscribers that have not opened your message.


(Send it in the middle of the launch between 9 to 11 AM EST)

Be sure to follow up in the middle of the launch around 11 AM EST.

You may resend the message with a different headline to the subscribers that did not open your email.


(Send on the last day of the launch at 9 AM EST)

Send your message at 9 AM EST with a reminder that's the last day of the offer.

You may follow up few hours before the end of the launches a final reminder.


You may upload the banners on your server and use them with your affiliate link.

Product Image

Banner 120x60

Banner 120x600

Banner 160x600

Banner 125x125

Banner 336x280

Banner 300x250

Banner 250x250

Banner 468x60

Banner 650x90

Bonus Page

Click on the buttons below to preview and/or download the bonus page you can use with your promotion. Remember to change the AFFILIATE LINK with your affiliate link.

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